Quick Start

This guide will show you everything needed to get started with RoWifi in an opinionated way.

1. Add the bot to the server

First step is to add the bot to your server. Open the link above in a new tab, select your server and click Authorize. The bot should now be visible in your discord server.

2. Setup the unverified and verified roles

Create two roles named @Unverified and @Verified respectively. Now to set the unverified role, run the command /settings unverified add @Unverified. Similarly, to set the verified role, run the command /settings verified add @Verified.

3. Creating a Groupbind

Now that we’ve gone through the basic setup, let’s create the first bind which will be a groupbind. This type of bind gives a role to any user present in the group. Let’s create one more role, @Member. Next, run the slash command /groupbinds new. Enter the Group Id of your main Roblox group, the template as N/A, and add @Member in the discord roles argument.

4. Creating a Rankbind

Now that everyone in the group will get a name, let’s give a role & a nickname to the first rank of the group.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume the first rank has an ID of 5 and a name of Newbie.

Our goal of this rankbind is to make the user have a nickname of [Newbie] RobloxUsername and add a role @Newbie. To proceed further, create the @Newbie role.

To make a rankbind, run the command rankbinds new. Enter the Group ID of your main Roblox group, the Rank Id as 5, the template as [Newbie] {roblox-username}. Set the priority to 1 and add the @Newbie role to the discord roles argument.

5. Setting a logs channel

It is recommended to set a logs channel so you can keep a track of all RoWifi commands run in a server. To set a log channel, simply create a channel named #rowifi-logs and that’s it.

This concludes the setup guide. Refer to the following pages for more information: