Priority is an unique feature to RoWifi. In essence, it is a number that tells RoWifi which bind to choose for nicknaming an user. It is ascending in nature. The template of the bind with the highest priority is used to set an user’s nickname.

Consider the following two binds:

  1. Groupbind with Group Id 000001, Template {discord-name} and Priority 1
  2. Rankbind with Group Id 000002, Rank Id 15, Template {roblox-username} and Priority 5

Suppose there is an user is a part Group 000001 and ranked 15 in Group 000002. As priority states, the bind with the highest priority is selected is selected for nicknaming the said user. Since the priority of the second bind is greater than the first bind, the template of the second rankbind will be used and the nickname of the user will be their roblox username.

Priority is global in nature. It applies across all the types of binds: rankbinds, groupbinds, custombinds and assetbinds.