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The 2nd Gen Roblox-Discord Verification Bot
Highly Customizable Bind System Create integrations between Roblox groups & Discord servers with our powerful bind engine. You can even use our Lua-like language to mix and match different bind types.
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Link Multiple Accounts Switch seamlessly between any Roblox accounts you own. No need to worry about having only one account across all Discord servers you are a part of.
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Smart Functional Roles We understand you are wary about giving management permissions to members in your community. Create the named roles we support and let your members have these roles. Leave the worry to us!
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The Best Roblox Bot for Discord with even more systems
Analytics View how your Roblox group has been growing & meeting milestones on beautiful graphs.
Deny Lists Keep your server safe by denying access to certain users or certain groups.
Event Logger Track what & how many events your members have been hosting.
Backups Create a backup of all your binds & server configuration and restore it in any server you own.