Groupbinds are a type of bind that are used to add roles or nickname any user who is present in a Roblox Group regardless of their rank.

Creating a Groupbind

To create a groupbind, run the command /groupbinds new.

Groupbinds New

It requires 3 arguments and has 2 optional arguments.

  • Group Id: This is the ID of your Roblox Group.
  • Template: Learn more about it here.

Optional Arguments:

  • Priority: Learn more about it here.
  • Discord Roles: This is a list of Discord Roles that are to be added to the bind.

Viewing your Groupbinds

To view all your groupbinds, run the command /groupbinds view.

Modifying a Groupbind

Modifying the template

To modify the template of a groupbind, use the /groupbind modify template command. Learn more about templates here.

Groupbinds Modify Template

Modifying the priority

To modify the priority of a groupbind, use the /groupbinds modify priority command. Learn more about priority here.

Groupbinds Modify Priority

Adding Discord Roles

To add additional Discord roles to a groupbind, use the /groupbinds modify add-roles command

Groupbinds Modify Add Roles

Removing Discord Roles

To remove existing Discord roles from a groupbind, use the /groupbinds modify remove-roles command.

Groupbinds Modify Remove Roles

Deleting a groupbind

To delete a single groupbind, run the /groupbinds delete command.

Groupbinds Delete

Deleting Multiple Groupbinds

To delete multiple groupbinds, run the /groupbinds delete command. The group IDs should be entered as space separated numbers as shown below.

Groupbinds Delete Multiple