Blacklists is a module that allows you to blacklist specific users and members of a group from your server.

Creating a Blacklist

Blacklisting a User

To create a single user blackist, run the command /blacklists name.

Blacklists Name

It has 2 required arguments.

  • Username: This is the Roblox Username of the user.
  • Reason: This is the reason for the blacklist.

Blacklisting a Group

To create a single group blacklist, run the command /blacklists group.

Blacklists Group

It has 2 required arguments:

  • Group Id: This s is the Id of the Roblox Group.
  • Reason: This is the reason for the blacklist.

Creating a Custom Blacklist

To create a custom bind, run the command /blacklists custom.

Blacklists Custom

It has 1 required argument:

  • Code: The code that evaluates to true or false based on the user.

Writing the Code Argument

The syntax that custom blacklists use is modelled after Lua. It uses the same module as custombinds. Learn more about the code argument here.

Viewing your Blacklists

To view all your blacklists, run the command /blacklists view. Here you will also find the ID for each blacklist.

Deleting a Blacklist

To delete a single blacklist, run the /blacklists delete command.

Blacklists Delete